About Stillwater Supercomputing, Inc.

The Vision

Imbuing systems with intelligence is the next frontier of application development. In the home, computers are quickly disappearing into vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, and washing machines. On the road, computers are becoming increasingly important for safety, energy efficiency, and performance, with control systems that leverage a multitude of sensors to measure orientation, acceleration, breaking, distance, and combustion. In the workplace, intelligent networks and cloud applications are observing, analyzing, and organizing vast amounts of data to aid strategic and tactical business decisions.

In all these applications, the goal is the same: collect, organize, and analyze raw data to make a real-time decision and take action to create value. The amount of data, or the complexity of the patterns, may differ, but the process, the math, and the computer science are identical.

Unfortunately, these intelligence applications run on vastly different hardware, with vastly different scales and performance characteristics. This morphs these very similar applications into very different hardware/software systems, with the outcome that they are more complex, more buggy, and more costly than they need to be.

The Stilwater Knowledge Processing Platform aims to solve this problem.

The Product

The Stillwater Knowledge Processing Platform consists of two major components:

  • Stillwater OpenKL Knowledge Processing Run-Time
  • Stillwater Knowledge Processing UnitTM

The Stillwater OpenKL Run-Time decouples the application from the underlying hardware. If you need to deliver intelligent systems in many different form factors, OpenKL provides the functionality to take your intelligent application from smart phone to the cloud without having to change one line of code.

The Stillwater Knowledge Processing Unit executes your machine learning application as efficiently as possible. The Stillwater KPU is a distributed data flow machine, and is capable of executing the inherent parallelism present in your application at the lowest possible energy consumption.

The combination of the OpenKL Run-Time and the Knowledge Processing UnitTM defines the next generation platform for intelligent systems for mobility and the cloud.