Video Tracking real-time scene comprehension

Human intelligence is strongly influenced by the sensory inputs from the eyes and the processing and comprehension that takes place in the visual cortex. Information about the environment is extracted and a model is built to create a context for understanding other queues and events.

There are many use cases for image comprehension and video tracking algorithms to create intelligent systems.

  • Autonomous security systems that continuously monitor and analyze objects that enter and exit the field of view and make an autonomous decision whether the object is a thread or not.
  • Traffic control systems that observe traffic flows and adjust posted speed limits or synchronize adjacent intersections through traffic light controls.
  • Autonomous vehicles and robots that observe their surroundings to avoid obstacles and plan routes.

Relevant Features

  • High Performance
  • Low-power
  • Real-time
  • Accurate

  High Performance

The Stillwater KPUTM enables real-time autonomous operation for many video tracking applications. The inherent parallelism of video tracking applications can be exploited with ease.


The power efficiency of the Stillwater KPUTM makes it possible to integrate the real-time video tracking applications in remote, battery-operated cameras, enabling new levels of integration and capability.

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