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Stillwater announces general availability of its KPUTM IP optimized for bioinformatics applications.

November 2012

El Dorada Hills, CA Stillwater Supercomputing, Inc., the leader in high-performance data flow IP, is offering a new parallel processor IP library of its KPUTM product, optimized for bioinformatics applications.

The Stillwater KPU is the industry's first distributed data flow processor. The IP enables application developers to rapidly integrate high performance parallel implementations of genome assembly features in their design. The KPU IP can take advantage of multiple FPGA chips to create scalable supercomputing systems optimized for bioinformatics applications.

In addition to accelerating the design of parallel FPGA-based platforms, the IP also dramatically simplifies the firm-ware update process for high-performance FPGA systems. The KPU is a software controlled processor, and thus bug fixes and performance improvements are reduced to simple software updates and do not require new bit streams. This is particularly important for the new generation of Xilinx and Altera FPGAs where bit stream generation can take several hours. With the new parallel processing IP, this update process is reduced to seconds.

Stillwater staff will be demonstrating the technology in the Pico Computing booth at Supercomputing '12 in Salt Lake City. On display will be a Pico board-based bioinformatics appliance executing a genome assembler, created by the Systemix Institute of Redmond, WA. Dr. Manoj Samanta, principal at Systemix, and Dr. Theodore Omtzigt, principal at Stillwater, will be available to answer any of your questions.

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