Press Release

Stillwater and Systemix Institute to develop new bioinformatics application architecture.

April 2012

El Dorada Hills, CA Stillwater Supercomputing, Inc., the leader in high-performance data flow IP, and the Systemix Institute, a leading research institute for advanced genomics and bioinformatics, announce their collaboration to develop a new class of bioinformatic application architecture. The applications will be leveraging the Stillwater Knowledge Processing Platform, a virtualization platform for parallel hardware. The goal is to target multi-core, and FPGA/GPU-accelerated hardware platforms to deliver a new class of cloud applications that can be deployed across different hardware accelerated servers. This will enable cloud service providers to better leverage existing hardware infrastructures, and seamlessly add new capacity without having to worry about hardware specific application software.

About Stillwater Supercomputing, Inc.

Stillwater Supercomputing, Inc. was founded in 2006 and Incorporated in 2007 to develop the next generation platform for computational science and engineering. Focused on improving the efficiency of execution, the Stillwater Knowledge Processing framework is facilitating the creation of best-in-class intelligent systems for high-performance embedded and autonomous systems, to large-scale cloud-based systems for bioinformatics, science, and engineering. For more information about Stillwater products and services, visit, or contact

About Systemix Institute

Based in Redmond, Washington, Systemix Institute Inc. specialized in developing bioinformatics applications and providing services. Systemix solutions are highly scalable to properly address big-data problems inherent in next-generation sequencing technologies. For more information about Systemix products and services, visit, or contact