Knowledge Processing

Next generation platform for intelligent systems. Imbue your device or application with real-time intelligence with just a few lines of code. Productivity for an increasingly competitive world.

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Stillwater OpenKL Knowledge Processing

Stillwater KPUTM

Industry's first distributed data flow machine to take advantage of fine-grained parallelism at scale. With unmatched performance per Watt, the Stillwater KPU will venture a new level of mobile intelligence.

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Stillwater Knowledge Processing Unit(TM)

Posit Arithmetic

Power-efficient number systems and arithmetic libraries with application-tailored precision and dynamic range. Available for Deep Learning, DSP, HPC, and IoT workloads.

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Stillwater Universal Number Library

Video Tracking

High-performance KPU-accelerated video analysis systems for real-time video tracking applications. From object tracking systems, to wearable computers to assist on-the-scene security personnel.

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Stillwater Video Tracking Systems

Autonomous Systems

High-performance KPU-accelerated real-time sensor fusion for autonomous systems and robotics. Enabling new levels of scalable and fault tolerant designs.

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Stillwater Robotics

  Ultra low-power

The Stillwater KPUTM is based on a different execution model than CPUs or GPUs. Perfectly aligned with VLSI technology and intelligent systems algorithms, the KPU can yield 50-100GFlops/Watt for machine learning applications.

  Dynamic services

The Stillwater OpenKL platform is your insurance against a changing hardware universe. With multi-core, many-core, DSP, VLIW, and FPGAs, you can rest assured your application does not need to change.

  Make it your own

The Stillwater Domain Flow ArchitectureTM is designed to be tailored to the workload so that no extraneous hardware is wasting energy. By parameterizing the data path to the workload DFAs minimize power consumption.

  Real-time Intelligence

Ranging from mWatts to millions of cores, from micro-scale to peta-scale, the Stillwater KPUTM was designed to create the highest performance per Watt to deliver intelligence at any scale.

  Friendly Support

Just shoot us an email and we'll be glad to give you a hand with anything you need. Or just say hi!

  Custom Integration

Leveraging new technology is always difficult. Be assured that the Stillwater team is here to assist you along the way. From software and application infrastructure, to system integration and quality assurance.

Get started with the Stillwater Knowledge Processing Platform today and redefine embedded intelligence tomorrow. Contact us for the latest product release.